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JC Scale User Manual

JC User Manual

1. Introduction of JC Scale

This manual contains installation and operation instructions for the JC crane scale. Please read the manual completely before installation and operation.

2. Precautions

  • Before using, please check and make sure every part is in good condition. Provided there is any broken, please inform your dealer
  • Avoid sudden temperature changes (suitable operating temperature is between -10℃~ 40℃.)
  • Disconnect the power supply when cleaning the scale.
  • Do not use the scale in the rain or heavily polluted environment.
  • Never use the crane over the maximum permitted weight, it will cause danger of breaking.
  • Always make sure that there are no living beings or materials below the load that could cause injured or damaged.
  • Service should be performed by authorized personnel only.

3. Dimension 

JC-06 260 195 50 40 620 73 200
JC-1 260 195 50 40 620 73 200
JC-2 260 195 60 50 650 73 200
JC-3 260 195 60 50 650 73 200
JC-5 260 195 60 42 730 80 210
JC-10 260 205 70 52 830 92 220
JC-15 260 215 80 60 960 135 230


4. Specifications & Features 

4-1 Specifications

Model Max.Cap Division 1 Division 2
JC-06 600kg 0.2kg 0.1kg
JC-1 1000kg 0.5kg 0.2 kg
JC-2 2000kg 1kg 0.5 kg
JC-3 3000kg 1kg 0.5 kg
JC-5 5000kg 2kg 1 kg
JC-10 10000kg 5kg 2 kg
JC-15 15000kg 10kg 5 kg
JC-20 20000kg 10kg 5 kg
JC-30 30000kg 20kg 10 kg

4-2 Features

  • 360°freely swiveling hook
  • Die-casting aluminum housing with corrosion-proof and antistatic functions
  • Auto shut off for power saving
  • Wireless controller as a standard
  • Anti-collision key design for a better key service time
  • AT-89 processor and A/D Conversion Technology
  • Anti-interference design

5. Keyboard 

HOLD Hold the current weighing value
SWITCH Choose the division
ZERO Bring display value back to “0” during weighing


6. Operation 

6-1 Power on

Press ON/OFF to power on. The display will first show the max capacity and then after 5 seconds it will turn back to zero and ready for operation

Note: It is recommended to allow scale 3-5min of warm-up time before starting weighing operation.

6-2 Zero

Press ZERO to zero the display

6-3 Weighing 

Begin with no load on the scale, the display reading zero. Place item(s) to be weighted on the scale. The display will show the weight

6-4 Tare

Under the weighing mode, place the container on the scale. Press ZERO to tare.

6-5 Battery recharge

The charge lamp turns green from red when the recharging is completed

  • When the battery indicator is flashing, it means the low battery. Please recharge. However, the scale can continue to operate for about 5hours without recharge
  • After the battery indicator is on for several hours without recharge or there is no more power in the battery, the scale will be powered off automatically.
  • After recharge, the screen still cannot display, it indicates that either there is difficulty in battery recharging or a damaged battery. Please contact the service person.


7. Calibration procedure 

Note: make sure the standard the weights are available when doing calibration

  1. Press ZERO when power on the crane scale, while “SPEN” is displayed on the screen
  2. Press ZERO to enter the calibration,while “00000” is displayed on the screen
  3. Press HOLD to choose the weighing value, press SWITCH to move the decimal point

Note: It is better to choose the value which is close to the max capacity.

  1. Put on the corresponding weight
  2. Press ZERO to save


8. Setting mode

  1. Press SWITCH when power on the crane, while “” is displayed on the screen
  2. Press HOLD or SWITCH to shift the sound modes.

0= no sound   1= with sound

  1. Press ZERO to move to hold function setting mode, while “” is displayed on the screen
  2. Press HOLD or SWITCH to shift the hold modes.

0= no hold function   1=with hold function

  1. Press ZERO to move to zero function setting mode, while “” is displayed on the screen
  2. Press HOLD or SWITCH to shift the zero modes.

0=zero function is allowed when not stable  1=zero function is not allowed when not stable

  1. Press ZERO to move to saving setting, while “” is displayed on the screen
  2. Press HOLD or SWITCH to shift the saving modes.

0=not save  1=save

  1.  Press ZERO to restart


9. Option

Controller description

 A Choose division
 B Hold function
 C Zero function
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Zalo: 0947069696
Mail: vanphu@canvanphu.com
Website: https://cantreo.com/
Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/canvanphu/

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